The Center for Healthcare Delivery Science & Innovation is comprised of staff, faculty, administrators, and trainees from across University of Chicago working at the intersection of healthcare delivery research and health system operations. HDSI welcomes inquiries from UChicago scholars interested in pursuing this area of inquiry.

  1. Share and promote the Center’s Mission.
  2. Mentor students, trainees, staff and faculty.
  3. Teach in or direct Center-supported lectures and courses.
  4. Attend, participate in or present at Center-sponsored events, including Journal Clubs, Outcomes Research Workshops (ORWs), and Idea Incubators.
  5. Recommend, invite or host visiting speakers.
  6. Serve on Center review committees (eg. grants, posters).
  7. Collaborate with fellow scholars on grant submissions and manuscripts.
  8. Author announcements, blogs or tweets about your HDSI research or programs.
  9. Include your Center affiliation on mission-related presentations, abstracts and manuscripts, as well as your email signature.
  1. Become part of and help shape a growing community of scholars and executive leaders committed to innovation in healthcare delivery.
  2. Gain access to pilot funding and travel awards.
  3. Gain access to resources to facilitate healthcare delivery science at UCM, including project management, evidence synthesis, and data analytics, to produce more impactful scholarship.
  4. Gain access to resources to facilitate clinical innovation, including partnerships with UChicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and MATTER.
  5. Gain access to resources to support external speakers and recruits in HDSI-related fields.
  6. Receive invitations to invited speaker engagements and other HDSI-related events.
  7. Gain opportunities to teach and provide mentorship.
  8. Gain opportunities to receive mentorship and further training in HDSI.
  9. Attract more competitive funding and recruits by advancing the reputation of HDSI at UCM.

Application Renewals

  1. HDSI scholars are asked to reapply every three years to maintain their scholar status.
  2. Renewal applications should demonstrate how scholars have fulfilled responsibilities over the prior three years, and how they plan to fulfill responsibilities over the next three years.
  3. Renewal applications will be reviewed by HDSI leadership.
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Meet Our Team

Vineet Arora – MD, MAPP

Leader in improving the environment for learners in #MedEd and enhancing HDSI education across the continuum. (READ MORE)

Allison Bartlett – MD, MS

Leader in Quality Improvement, Patient Safety and Infection Prevention in pediatric patients. (READ MORE)

David Beiser – MD, MS

Researcher applying biomedical engineering to Emergency Medicine. (READ MORE)

Jon Chapman-LCSW

Leader in addressing barriers to patient access. (READ MORE)

Marshall Chin – MD, MPH

Nationally recognized leader in reducing health disparities and improving diabetes care. (READ MORE)

Scott Cook – PhD

Clinical psychologist focused on the intersection of health care delivery and health services research. (READ MORE)

Krista Curell – JD, RN

Leader in patient safety, privacy protection, and compliance. (READ MORE)

Andy Davis – MD, MPH

Clinician researcher focused on disease prevention and healthcare system safety. (READ MORE)

Doug Dirschl – MD

Nationally recognized leader in improving orthopaedic care. (READ MORE)

Dana Edelson – MD, MS

Innovator in protecting patients from cardiac arrest via big data. (READ MORE)

John Fahrenbach – PhD

Healthcare data scientist at UCM. (READ MORE)

Sarah Feenstra Gilson – MD

Clinical Informatics Fellow focused on preventive health and improving healthcare efficiency. (READ MORE)

Sadia Haider – MD, MPH

Innovator and advocate for decreasing reproductive health disparities through health services research. (READ MORE)

Teresita Hogan – MD

Leader in Emergency Medicine, focusing on the care of older patients. (READ MORE)

Jane Holl- MD, MPH

Implementation science researcher and educator. (READ MORE)

Charlene A. Hope- PharmD, MS, CPPS

Leader in Quality Improvement, Patient Safety and Medication Management Systems. (READ MORE)

Elbert Huang – MD, MPH

Scholar at the intersection of diabetes, aging and health economics. (READ MORE)

Kelly Hynes – MD

Orthopaedic surgeon and educator. (READ MORE)

Jason Kane – MD, MS

Pediatric intensivist focusing on patient safety and quality. (READ MORE)

Cheng-Kai Kao – MD

Innovator and educator in clinical informatics. (READ MORE)

Jay Koyner – MD

Nephrologist improving the detection and treatment of hospitalized patients with kidney injury. (READ MORE)

Randall Knoebel- PharmD

Pharmacist serving as Senior Manager of Pharmacy Health Analytics and Drug Policy within UChicago Medicine’s Department of Pharmacy. (READ MORE)

Rajlakshmi Krishnamurthy – MD

Leader in clinical transformation, value-based care, and population health (READ MORE)

Neda Laiteerapong – MD, MS

Implementation scientist and predictive modeler improving care for patients with chronic diseases. (READ MORE)

Emily Landon – MD

Innovator in preventing harm and deaths from infections. (READ MORE)

Michael Lee – MD

Predictive modeler and scholar in patient reported outcomes with particular expertise in spine surgery. (READ MORE)

Wei Wei Lee – MD, MPH

Leader, researcher, and clinician educator focused on the intersection of technology use, patient experience, and physician well-being. (READ MORE)

Stacy Lindau – MD, MA

Innovator in enhancing access to community strengths that promote health. (READ MORE)

David Meltzer – MD, PhD

National leader in health economics, public policy, and improving the cost and quality of care. (READ MORE)

Susan Murphy – RN, BSN, MS

Innovator in improving patient’s experience of and engagement with care. (READ MORE)

Michael O’Connor – MD

Intensivist and patient safety scholar. (READ MORE)

Julie Oyler, MD

Clinician and educator for the next generation of healthcare delivery science and quality improvement-focused practioners. (READ MORE)

Ajanta Patel – MD

Pediatric pulmonologist and interprofessional leader. (READ MORE)

Monica Peek – MD, MPH

Health services researcher improving health equity, shared decision making, and chronic disease care. (READ MORE)

Natasha N. Pettit – PHARMD, BCPS (AQ-ID)

Dr. Pettit’s research interests are focused on the optimization of antimicrobial prescribing through targeted stewardship efforts. (READ MORE)

Jennifer Pisano – MD

Leader in antimicrobial use and infectious diseases. (READ MORE)

Vivek Prachand – MD

Leader in surgical and procedural quality and safety. (READ MORE)

Valerie Press – MD, MPH

Hospitalist and researcher focused on improving the value of care provided to and for patients with chronic disease. (READ MORE)

Tipu Puri MD, PhD

Leader and educator in addressing chronic kidney disease. (READ MORE)

Sarosh Rana – MD, MPH

Expert in the management of preeclampsia and high blood pressure in pregnancy (READ MORE)

Jessica Ridgway – MD, MS

Informaticist and Infectious Disease physician utilizing predictive analytics for HIV care and infection prevention (READ MORE)

Juan Rojas – MD

Inaugural HDSI research fellow who is using big-data approaches to understanding and preventing ICU readmissions. (READ MORE)

Sachin Shah – MD

Primary care physician and clinical informatics leader focused on population health, ambulatory quality, and patient engagement (READ MORE)

Tom Spiegel – MD, MS, MBA

Innovator in Patient Throughput and in applying data mining to enhance the patient experience. (READ MORE)

Debra Stulberg – MD, MAPP

Family physician focused on improving reproductive health outcomes and reducing racial and socioeconomic disparities. (READ MORE)

Corey Tabit – MD, MBA, MPH

Cardiologist with a focus on open communication and interactive decision making (READ MORE)  

Alison Tothy – MD

Leader in innovative approaches to improve patient experience and engagement. (READ MORE)

Lisa Vinci – MD, MS

Educator and leader in quality improvement and care management (READ MORE)

Sam Volchenboum – MD, PhD, MS

Informaticist studying the application of large data techniques to healthcare. (READ MORE)

Mike Wall – PHARMD, MBA

Innovator in data-driven quality, safety, and experience improvement. (READ MORE)

Stephen Weber – MD, MS

Leader in public policy focused on improving the quality, safety, and experience of care. (READ MORE)

James Williams, Jr. – MA

Leader committed to achieving diversity, inclusion, and equity in health systems.(READ MORE)