Want to partner with UChicago Medicine?

UChicago Medicine is on the forefront of the US healthcare market’s transformative change but we cannot do it ourselves. Collaboration is key to success and UCM wants to make navigation with our health system easier.

Interests include:

  • Early Stage Ideas
  • Digital Health Technologies
  • Simulation and Training
  • Teaching the Next Generation of Healthcare Providers

The Center for Healthcare Delivery Science and Innovation created a streamlined process for UChicago Medicine to learn about new ideas and partnership opportunities to improve clinical practice, patient experience and workflow.  We are most interested in hearing solutions that respond to our Clinical Excellence scorecard and Annual Operating Plan.

Clinical Excellence Priority Scorecard

Safe Timely Effective Efficient Patient Centered
Reduce C difficile infections and Surgical Site Infections Improve Cancer Screening Rates Reduce Clinical Length of Stay Improve Inpatient and Outpatient Patient Experience ratings (CAHPS)
Enhance Diabetes and Hypertension Management Reduce Hospital Readmissions
Reduce Mortality
Improve Influenza Vaccination Rates

Why submit?

What UChicago Medicine may provide:

  • Content Expertise  UChicago Medicine connects innovators with experts to vet and provide feedback on proposed solutions to help them realize their impact.
  • Mentorship /Partnership  UChicago Medicine offers relationships with content experts for ongoing discussion and development of ideas and products.
  • Data  UChicago Medicine can collaborate to help validate key startup questions and assumptions.
  • Funding UChicago Medicine may offer initial seed funding for innovators to further develop their idea.
  • Pilot Site UChicago Medicine may provide opportunities to implement and test innovations in a healthcare system.