Data-Driven Research

The mandate for safer, higher quality, patient-centric care and better outcomes creates the need for data-driven research. UCM’s Data & Analytics team and the University of Chicago’s Center for Research Informatics collaborate with physician scientists, trainees, and administrators to engage clinical teams and to enhance the organizations ability to research the most crucial factors in today’s healthcare industry such as improved health, better patient experience, more efficient and safer care.

Harnessing Big Data

The department comprised of highly skilled data analysts, architects, and statisticians is responsible for building analytic competencies to assist the University of Chicago Medicine harness “big data” by creating actionable insights to help guide the organization’s vision and to support innovative research initiatives.

Data Requests

The University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences uses an online platform to manage data requests throughout the medical center. Data requests are submitted into the Analytics Request System (ACRES) or email with questions.


For more information about Data Request Submission, please reference the video below:

Show Me The Data Town Hall Recording