Current research is often focused on the what,
not the how - ignoring that the delivery
system is itself a complex organism.

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The Center for Healthcare Delivery Science and Innovation (HDSI) was established by UChicago Medicine in 2016 to catalyze efforts to apply rigorous science to address local challenges in healthcare delivery, with the goal of strengthening the quality, safety, value and experience of healthcare locally, and spreading these real-world innovations to other healthcare organizations nationally.

HDSI has become a center for collaboration between scientists and executive leaders across UChicago Medicine, providing a mechanism through which UChicago Medicine can support scientists in local healthcare delivery redesign.  HDSI provides research funding, training, logistical support for embedded research, and opportunities for networking and impact.

Discovering How

Healthcare Delivery Science (HDS) represents the overlap between healthcare operations and innovation and research. The healthcare system itself is the organism under both evaluation and treatment.  These are not necessarily patient-level interventions and questions: instead, they are often the study of changes in the way in which patient-level interventions are delivered.  Healthcare delivery science integrates research-quality methods into what we actually do in the real world.