The 2020 Poster Symposium Submission is open.

The symposium has been postponed until the week of Oct. 19th-23rd, aligning with National Healthcare Quality Week. 

The deadline for posters is: October 2, 2020

Faculty, staff and students of all disciplines and areas of expertise are invited to submit a poster highlighting their quality improvement work – both successes and failures (or what we like to call learning experiences) are welcome. Our goal is to promote collaborative learning.

Each day of National Quality Week, we will be selecting the top 5 posters in each of the STEEP quality principles which will align with each day of the week (Ex: Monday- Safety, Tuesday- Timeliness, etc.) The Symposium will be held on a virtual platform. Details to come.



  • Submissions must use one of the two 2020 templates offered (Template 1 & Template 2) and submit in a PowerPoint format, saved as LASTNAME_PosterTitle (e.g. DOE_Improving Communication Among Physicians and Nurses).  The last name used in saving the file should be the individual submitting the poster using the online submission form.
  • You may reduce the font size to a minimum of 9-point if necessary; smaller font sizes are not permitted.
  • Based on your project, you may need to adjust the placement of headings in the template. Carefully select the appropriate title(s) for each section.
  • Please fill out a separate form for each poster you submit.
  • To ensure the protection of patient privacy and UCM compliance with federal and state laws, please review the following important PHI and deidentification guidelines documents from the UCM HIPAA Privacy Program:
  • All posters will be displayed on a 40″ TV monitor.  Poster printing will not be necessary.

If you have any questions regarding your submission, please use the comments section of the submission form or email

Please be sure you are using one of the two 2020 templates :

Template 1
Template 2
  • Do not change the color scheme, background, or borders of the template
  • Avoid text heavy posters- must allow reader to clearly see and read the take-away points
  • Avoid technical terms- use terminology that will allow any viewer to understand content
  • Avoid acronyms, unless explained on the poster
  • Ensure tables and graphs are viewable at least 5 feet away
  • Avoid pixelated web graphics
  • Connect to the University of Chicago Medicine Annual Operating Plan FY2020
  • Innovations & Improvements in Efficiency
  • Innovations & Improvements in Patient Centeredness
  • Innovations & Improvements in Safety
  • Innovations & Improvements in Timeliness
  • Innovations & Improvements in Effectiveness
  • Innovations & Improvements in Equitable Care

Project Description

  • Identifies a problem and its significance
  • Describes implications if the problem is left unaddressed

Organizational Alignment

Describes organization improvements linked to any of the following:

  • UChicago Medicine quality and safety goals
  • Patients and family centered care
  • Efficiency, throughput, and/or reduction of waste
  • National quality indicators


  • Measure(s) are aligned with the problem described
  • Data is used to identify and target improvement
  • Data is diplayed with meaningful visuals


  • Changes made or recommended are illustrated
  • Multidisciplinary team members were involved in the design process
  • Lessons learned, next steps and/or sustainability are addressed


  • Poster is well organized and visually appealing
  • Information is logically presented and tells a complete story in a manner that is easily understood