Quality & Safety Symposium

By Sharon Markman, MHA

At the forefront of medicine, the University of Chicago Medicine (UCM) has some of the most prolific researchers and the greatest innovative minds in the country. But some would say that they never knew what sort of work went on here. One of the most exciting days of the year, the annual Quality & Safety Symposium (hosted by the Center for Healthcare Delivery Science & Innovation) is a day in which staff, faculty, and trainees come together to celebrate UCM’s dedication to quality, safety, patient experience and innovation in every corner of the medical center.

So why is this day particularly notable? The Quality & Safety Symposium is an unparalleled, celebratory expedition into innovation. Historically, academic medicine has focused on the success of their scientists’ research. Modern healthcare recognizes that the healthcare system is extraordinarily complex and dependent on multidisciplinary teams of people coming together, often for the first time, to provide state of the art care. With the challenge of continually striving to raise the quality of care provided, comes the opportunity to learn, grow, and advance the quality of life and the quality and safety of care for our patients, staff and faculty.

The Annual Quality and Safety Symposium featured vendors, posters and speakers. (photo by Jean Lachat)

The day highlights UCM’s penchant for constant improvement by providing a voice to projects that are occurring unbeknownst to the masses. The Symposium illustrates UCM’s commitment and investment by allowing every employee the opportunity to participate in quality and safety initiatives. This year, over 130 multidisciplinary project posters will be showcased with over 550 individuals working together to celebrate the culture of learning and improvement. Areas of emphasis include: effectiveness, patient centeredness, safety, timeliness, efficiency, and equitable care.

The energy and recognition of a year’s worth of efforts, from the subbasement of Mitchell Hospital to the highest floor of the Center for Care and Discovery, makes the excitement of the Symposium palpable. You cannot help but be in awe of all the hard work when you walk around the DCAM Atrium, marveling at all of the initiatives and taking pride to be a part of such an extraordinary institution at the forefront of medicine.

See for yourself. Join us on Thursday, May 4th.