Engaging with MATTER

On a bright, sunny Monday in July, Pritzker School medical students, UChicago Medicine administration trainees, and faculty mentors made their way downtown to visit healthcare startup incubator MATTER. After a brief tour (including a simulation bay, collaborative work area, and event space), the afternoon’s focus highlighted the innovative work that MATTER facilitates.

Four startups presented their ideas to the group:

  • Care Band offers wearable technology to improve the safety and quality of life of those living with dementia.
  • Humaginarium is creating video games to increase health literacy and empower self-care in consumers with a chronic illness.
  • A Little Help (aLTLhelp) will make it easy for friends and loved ones  to stay informed and offer support during major life events.
  • BioRegentech has created bone/tissue regeneration technology to prevent amputations by closing advanced wounds.

The UChicago group engaged in a dialogue with these entrepreneurs, gaining an understanding of the broader world of healthcare innovation and offering suggestions from a health system perspective. Afterward, adjourning to a happy hour nearby, the group enjoyed guacamole and the chance to debrief with mentors about their experiences.

Medical student Matthew Bonomo commented, “I’m really grateful that Pritzker gives us these kinds of opportunities to learn from innovators building the future of healthcare.”

To learn more about MATTER and take advantage of UChicago’s membership, visit their website.


By Kimisha Cassidy, MS. Kimisha is the HDSI Project Manager.