Ajanta Patel – MD

Dr. Patel is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the Section of Pediatric Pulmonology and a Medical Director of Informatics for UCMC.  She works within Graduate Medical Education to coach improvement projects and teach QI principles. She co-leads the Clinician Exchange Program, an interprofessional shadowing program, along with a nurse leader. Externally, she co-directs a national clinician wellness initiative and is a policy delegate at the American Medical Association.

Dr. Patel’s interest is in health care improvement at the system level; she uses QI methods, system changes, and front-line teams to help drive clinical improvements.  Projects she currently works on include:

  • Discharge efficiency and reducing length of stay
  • Interprofessional relationship building through shadowing
  • Outpatient clinic pre-clinic lab draws and ambulatory surgical preparation
  • Respiratory care best practices (asthma, bronchiolitis, tracheostomy, and long-term ventilator care)
  • Optimizing clinical documentation in the electronic medical record