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Hospital Agent-based Model (HABM)

Hospital operations is a complex, dynamic process involving many moving parts within a specific spatial configuration. Agent-based modeling is a simulation method that can be used to visualize how a hospital handles its patient flow and aid in optimizing its processes, or project the impact of future expansion.

Sadia research

Optimizing Postpartum Care through Novel Approaches for Contraceptive Provision

Linking Inter-specialty Newborn and Contraception Care: In collaboration with University of Illinois at Chicago, UChicago investigator Dr. Sadia Haider has created a patient-centered approach to contraception care focused on improved outcomes for women and children. The LINCC Trial will be the first of its kind to leverage existing routine pediatric health care delivery to facilitate women’s access to their own health care.


Preventing Cardiac Arrest

UChicago Medicine is the first hospital in the world to implement a leading-edge predictive algorithm to prevent cardiac arrest in hospitalized patients. eCart, a sophisticated algorithm developed at UChicago Medicine, scores subtle changes in clinical status to predict a cardiac event before it happens.