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Poster Submitter: Alex Thomas, B.S.

Department: University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine

Email Address:

Role: Student

Project Lead: Jonathan Chung, M.D. / Department of Radiology

Project Collaborators:

  • Lydia Chelala, M.D. / Faculty
  • Andrea King, Ph.D. / Faculty

Departments Included in Project: Pritzker School of Medicine, Psychiatry, Radiology,

Project Classification: Patient Centeredness

Does the work incorporate equity?

This project incorporates equity as it focuses on personalized patient care and consultation regarding lung cancer screening imaging and smoking cessation counseling. Providing the resource of a radiologist specialty consultation focused on each patient's own individual CT imaging provides this important healthcare resource/appointment to every patient regardless of financial/income status. Talking through a patient's lung cancer screening imaging with them and providing personalized smoking cessation counseling for current smokers involves providing a unique, individualized, and multidisciplinary approach to care through shared decision-making, patient education, and patient counseling.

Does this work address any of the UChicago Medicine quality priorities as listed on the Clinical Excellence Scorecard?

Ambulatory Access to Care, Patient Experience, Cancer Screening

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