Poster Details

Poster Submitter: Gary Wang, BS

Department: Pritzker School of Medicine

Email Address:

Role: Student

Project Lead: Gary Wang, BS / Pritzker School of Medicine

Project Collaborators:

  • Richard Gauthier, MBA, MA / Staff (non-nurse)
  • Kathryn Gunter, MPH, MSW / Staff (non-nurse)
  • Lori Johnson, BSN, RN, CDCES / Other
  • Mengqi Zhu, MS / Staff (non-nurse)
  • Wen Wan, PhD / Faculty
  • Jacob Tanumihardjo, MPH / Staff (non-nurse)
  • Marshall Chin, MD, MPH / Faculty

Departments Included in Project: Ambulatory Services, Family Medicine, Medicine, Pritzker School of Medicine, Social Work,

Project Classification: Effectiveness, Efficiency, Patient Centeredness

Does the work incorporate equity?

Our work focuses on improving diabetes outcomes and reducing disparities for low-income, medically high-risk patients with diabetes in rural Maryland. This project has implications for work that seeks to ameliorate disparities across SES and geographic divides.

Does this work address any of the UChicago Medicine quality priorities as listed on the Clinical Excellence Scorecard?

Hospital Readmissions, Diabetes Management

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