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Poster Submitter: Fawsia Osman, MD/MPH

Department: Department of Internal Medicine

Email Address:

Role: Resident

Project Lead: Fawsia Osman, MD, MPH / Internal Medcine

Project Collaborators:

  • Cherry Jiang, MD / Resident
  • Amber Deckard, MPH / Staff (non-nurse)
  • Neda Laiteerapong, MD, MS, FACP / Faculty
  • Wen Wan, PHD / Faculty
  • Monica Peek, MD,MPH / Faculty
  • Jason Alexander, MD / Faculty
  • Alexander Rodriguez, / Student
  • Raj Shetty, / Student
  • Erin Staab, MPH / Student

Departments Included in Project: Medicine,

Project Classification: Effectiveness

Does the work incorporate equity?

The prevalence of diabetes is significantly higher among non-Hispanic black persons resulting in disproportionate burden of disease complications. In order to address these disparities, various interventions have been developed to address modifiable risk factors such as Hemoglobin A1c. The goal of this study is to perform a meta-analysis of published interventions on black persons with type 2 diabetes and their effects on hemoglobin A1c (HbA1C) outcomes.

Does this work address any of the UChicago Medicine quality priorities as listed on the Clinical Excellence Scorecard?

Diabetes Management

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