Poster Details

Poster Submitter: Ainur Kagarmanova, MS

Department: BSD

Email Address:

Role: Staff (non-nurse)

Project Lead: Mim Ari, MD / BSD

Project Collaborators:

  • Neda Laiteerapong, MD, MS / Faculty
  • Katherine Thompson, MD / Faculty
  • Erin Staab, MPH / Staff (non-nurse)
  • Wen Wan, PhD / Faculty
  • Amanda Kass, BA / Staff (non-nurse)
  • Danielle Lazar, AM / Other
  • Linda Rosul, BA / Other
  • Heather Sparkman, MS / Other
  • Isra Hasnain, MS / Student

Departments Included in Project: Ambulatory Services, Family Medicine, Medicine,

Project Classification: Patient Centeredness

Does the work incorporate equity?

I-COPE empowers patients to actively participate in creating their healthcare plan by encouraging and providing tools for shared decision-making (SDM) between provider and patient. SDM empowers patients to take a more active and informed role in their healthcare, as it allows patients choose plans that align with their preferences. I-COPE collects patient preferences before their visit to save time and make the visit more efficient.

Does this work address any of the UChicago Medicine quality priorities as listed on the Clinical Excellence Scorecard?

Patient Experience

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