Poster Details

Poster Submitter: Mary Ann Francisco, APN

Department: Nursing

Email Address:

Role: Nurse, Other

Project Lead: Mary Ann Francisco, APN / Nursing

Project Collaborators:

  • Jilleen Gilmartin, RN / Nurse, Other
  • Frank Soucek, RN / Nurse, Other
  • Maria Garcia, RN / Nurse, Other
  • Nick Ludwig, RN / Nurse, Other
  • Maggie Mae Baenziger, RN / Nurse, Other
  • Brandi Parker, RN / Nurse, Other
  • Eve Edstrom, RN / Nurse, Other
  • Monica Gonzalez, APN / Nurse, Other
  • Parker Brandi, RN / Nurse, Other

Departments Included in Project: Nursing, Other, Nursing Administration, Infection Control and Nursing Quality

Project Classification: Safety

Project Notes/Comments:

Other Collaborators from Nursing Administration: Renee Puck-Maisura; Nursing Quality: Judy Doty ; From Infection Control: Rachel Marrs

Does this work address any of the UChicago Medicine quality priorities as listed on the Clinical Excellence Scorecard?

Healthcare-Associated Infections

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