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The use of predictive and prescriptive analytics within healthcare enables enhanced improvement both in patient outcomes and healthcare operations. As a national leader in data science, the University of Chicago has multiple institutions with expertise in the development and deployment of advanced data science methodologies.  However, oversight of model deployment has been historically limited.  In Fall 2017, The Interventional Model Committee (IMC) was formed to help foster and support model deployment at The University of Chicago Medicine (UCM).

The IMC comprises of a group of IT professionals, clinicians, and analytics professionals who provide expertise for the effective application of data systems that will intervene on ordinary operations in our healthcare system.

Purpose & Role

To foster innovation in our health system…

  1. Establish an implementation pathway for advanced analytics projects
  2. Provide resources to accelerate  the implementation of analytics projects

…while safe-guarding patient care and UCM operations

  1. Organize UChicago expertise to review analytics projects for data validity, methodological and/or prediction accuracy, and clinical and operational impact
  2. Move analytics projects up or down the implementation pathway (potentially halting projects until additional criteria are met) based on review before and during production

For more information on the IMC and its processes, email Farah Ahmed, Project Manager.