Seeking ideas and requests for support for innovative solutions to address the COVID-19 pandemic!

The Center for Healthcare Delivery Science & Innovation is looking for your new ideas and requests for collaboration to address the COVID-19 pandemic!

HDSI launched the COVID-19 Innovation Challenge to help better serve the needs of our patients, providers and community during this healthcare crisis, The program’s aim is to support ideas and specific healthcare delivery requests that respond to the quickly changing healthcare landscape.

Open to UChicago/UChicago Medicine staff, trainee and faculty only

No idea or request is too small.  Simply submit an idea that we can forward to administrative and clinical leaders, or request support to design, implement, and/or evaluate innovative solutions to address the unique COVID-19 healthcare delivery challenges before us.

Themes may include but are not limited to:

  • Screening (eg. evaluating drive thru-testing)
  • Testing (eg. developing rapid tests)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (eg. evaluating new signage for donning/doffing)
  • Designing Supplies or Devices (eg. face masks, ventilators)
  • Promoting Patient Access (eg. group telehealth visits for patients with chronic disease)
  • Increasing Awareness (eg. evaluating the reach or impact of videos or graphic narratives)
  • Supporting Resilience (eg. mental health innovations for employees, patients or families)

Resources HDSI can provide include:

  • Funding (up to $10k/proposal)
  • Human-Centered Design Expertise
  • Project Management
  • Rapid Connections to University and/or community resources

Ideas and requests for support will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  We will respond to all requests for support within 5-7 business days.